Makeup No Buy | February Update


I am two months into my year long makeup no buy. I’m feeling good about this project so far. Two months feels like both no time at all and quite a long time. When considering the ten more months to come, two months is barely anything. In comparison to how often I used to buy new makeup, two months is a good chunk of time.

I made a video at the end of January to check in with how it was going. I had every intention of doing monthly video updates but due to some technical issues (the microphone on my phone stopped working) that’s not currently possible. I’ve decided instead to write my thoughts out here as I feel is necessary.
February was an interesting month for the no buy. I found myself wanting quite a few things that I saw on social media. Colourpop keeps coming out with things (colored mascaras!) that always tempt me. Pacifica, which is a cruelty free and completely vegan brand, also came out with new foundation and concealer that I am very intrigued by. Neither of those products are something I’m in danger of running out of any time soon. But despite there being things that I want, I also noticed myself engaging in less shopping-like behavior. I have an extension on my web browser that blocks sites for me. I use it to block Sephora, Ulta, and the like. In January I found myself caving and just using my phone to scroll those sites again. I didn’t do much of that in February which is something I’m proud of. Part of the reason I wanted to go on a no buy was to help kick a lot of my consumerist habits. I don’t want to spend my time looking at things to buy. There are so many better things I could be doing with my time.

It wasn’t all easy though. February was a stressful month for me and that stress definitely triggered the part of my brain that wants to shop to make myself feel better. This was an interesting feeling to have and observe without giving in to. There were a few times that I had a strong urge to go into Sephora and buy a new lipstick or eyeshadow or something. It really doesn’t help that there’s a Sephora next to my work. I didn’t give in to the urge, of course, but it was weird. It was weird to examine the feeling and recognize it for what it was and then put it away. Giving in and buying something would have only served to make me feel guilty and put me further away from my goal of curating my makeup collection. It would have been a step backwards. I don’t want to be going backwards.

So far, I’m enjoying the no buy project. I like going through my makeup collection and using what I have. I like seeing the wear on my products that comes from consistent use. I like using things up and hitting pan. Some people really love products shots of brand new, perfectly untouched makeup. I like seeing makeup that’s well used and a little beat up. I enjoy seeing my own makeup start to look that way. It’s satisfying. I’m excited to see what my collection looks like at the end of the year and I’m hoping that it will all only get easier from here.

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