Gratitude #1


On my old blog, a space that is long gone at this point (R.I.P.), I used to make regular posts about things I’m grateful for. Lots of people on the internet recommend keeping gratitude lists and journals; it’s kind of  the “in thing” to do for those of us looking to live more mindfully. I think the popularity of it puts some people off, but there is something to the practice.

For me, writing little lists of things I’m grateful for helps keep my anxiety and my general sadness under control a bit. It helps to remind me that not everything is terrible and to take a moment or two to appreciate what I have. There’s a sense of contentment that comes with taking a moment to just be grateful for a few small things that enhance our lives.

So here we go, a few things that I’m currently grateful for in my life, despite anything else that might be happening.

  1. Fresh ground, hot coffee in the morning. I’m a coffee person and I know I shouldn’t drink as much of it as I do, but there’s nothing like fresh, hot coffee to wake up with. It warms me up from the inside, which is especially nice during the winter, and gets me going for the day.
  2. My cats and their unconditional love. There’s nothing quite like the love and companionship of pets, and my cats are my best friends. Playing with them and cuddling them always make me feel better and seeing them happy makes me happy. And yes, those are my cats in the graphic at the top. Adorable.
  3. Flowers. I work with flowers at my job, and while I don’t like my job all that much, I do love that I get to work with flowers. They make my heart happy.
  4. Blush. It feels a bit silly to list a makeup product as something I’m grateful for, but I love putting on blush when I’m getting ready for the day. There’s something about blush specifically that just makes me feel a little more alive.

It feels good to take a moment and reflect on little things (or big things) that make our lives better. It’s like sending a thank you card to the universe. Maybe I just sound like a crazy woman, it remains to be seen. Regardless, what are a few things you’re grateful for lately? Feel free to share in the comments, I’d love to read them.

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