Makeup Addiction & My 2019 No-Buy

Yes, you read that title correctly: makeup addiction. Maybe addiction is too strong of a word for what I’ve been experiencing (I don’t buy so much makeup that I can’t pay my bills) but it’s starting to feel like that.
I’ll be straight up with you guys: I have an addictive personality. It’s never been a problem with alcohol or any of the scary things you think about when you hear the word “addiction.” My addictions have ranged from drinking too much coffee to spending too much time on online; and of course, now, makeup.


I really started to get into makeup and the online beauty community in 2016. I was drawn in by the creative aspects of doing my makeup and having a way to control how I appear to people depending on my mood. My makeup collection grew, first with drugstore products and then soon followed by higher end stuff. I fell down a Youtube hole of watching beauty influencers and I definitely found myself getting sucked into product hype. The beauty industry has been growing a lot and most brands have consistent releases throughout the year. The problem with that is that a normal person who doesn’t review makeup for a living, definitely doesn’t need the amount of makeup that’s released. And I don’t need a lot of the things I ended up buying. An eyeshadow palette takes a long time to go through -I don’t need ten of them.

Here’s the thing. I love doing my makeup. I’ve decluttered some of products that I didn’t like or didn’t use, but I still have a lot. I’m okay with that. I enjoy trying new things and playing with color. But I’m at a point right now in my life that I need to budget better. There are a lot of things I want to save money for (a new computer, a camera, eventually a car) and makeup gets expensive. I need my money more than I need eyeshadow.
So because of this, I am imposing a makeup no buy for myself for 2019.

The only exceptions I will make for this no buy are to restock on things I regularly go through such as concealer and mascara. I don’t need foundation, I have 5 of them. I definitely don’t need any eyeshadow or face powders. I have plenty of lipstick. I have just about anything I could need to make the kind of looks I enjoy wearing. I want to spend 2019 really getting to know what I have and get use out of them. I want to come out of my 2019 no buy with a good sense of what I like and a pickier mindset about what I choose to spend my money on.

I still watch a lot of beauty influencers on Youtube, mostly because they’re people I enjoy and am invested in. I’ll probably try to avoid reviews of new items that might tempt me to buy. I’m definitely going to be unsubscribing from email lists and probably unfollowing brands on social media. And I’ll keep this space updated on how it’s going and what I do to curb the urge to buy lipstick when I figure it out.

I know a lot of people who adopt minimalism tend to give up makeup altogether. I understand that, but that’s not what I’m doing because it is something I enjoy and that brings a lot of value to my life. I find the process of putting my makeup on to be relaxing and a great way to be creative and spend time with myself. What I’m hoping to accomplish is to remove my overconsumption of it from my life so that my money can be put to better use.

Is this something anyone else has struggled with? If not, is there something in your life that you compulsively buy even though you know you don’t need any more of it? Please share and maybe consider giving yourself a no buy to try to break the habit.

3 thoughts on “Makeup Addiction & My 2019 No-Buy

  1. I don’t struggle with makeup (I’ve never been able to wear it because of my sensitive skin, which has never bothered me), but I used to do it with art supplies! I was able to curb the habit last year, but I used to buy every new exciting tool that came out or all kinds of different papers and paints that I used, but didn’t need. I think this is a great idea!


    1. amandaxstrange

      I can see the appeal of lots of new art supplies, I think if I had any artistic ability I would probably have fallen into that as well. I’ve definitely also done it with books and I managed to get that under control pretty recently too. I think with makeup it’s all the colors and glitter that drags me in, haha

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